We are here to walk with students into a genuine love and a genuine life, chasing after the heart of God. 

With biblical teaching, students are able to reflect and apply what God has for them. As we take part in the wild, crazy adventure of following God, we pray that students would begin to release this love into their schools so that this community would open their hearts to what God has in store.


Middle School is when students start to develop their own faith and ask the bigger questions that have more than a “yes” or “no”. Students in Middle School start to wonder and imagine endless possibilities of who God is, and who they are in this world. Our goal and our desire in this ministry is that every Sunday, students in grades 6-8 would walk away knowing that they are loved by God so much that they would start to go deeper in their faith, finding who they are because of Jesus.  

Every Sunday we have an amazing team of leaders who genuinely care about these students and who want nothing more than for your student to know that they are loved and are valuable, even at this point of life.



In High School ministry at New Life, students experience what it means to follow passionately after Christ, find a safe place to ask questions about faith, and find truth. We offer passionate worship gatherings that include practical teaching, creative arts, and community with others as they connect in small groups with adult leaders for discussion and prayer. On Sunday morning you will see our students involved in different areas of service around New Life as well.

THURSDAYS @ 6:30pm