At New Life Church we aren’t a church that offers Groups, we are a church of Groups. We believe life is better together. The fact is it’s easier to build community within a Group setting than it is at church on the weekends. So, how can you get connected? GROUPS! If you’re only joining us on Sunday mornings then you’re just skimming the surface of what New Life is all about. Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, have fun and make a difference.



Group FAQs

What is a Group?  Groups are groups of people who meet weekly around a common interest, study, or activity. They are made up of people like you who want to connect with others and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Groups have 6-20 people in them, and meet weekly for 6 to 8 weeks. It’s a short-term commitment, so give it a try!

When do Groups begin?  Groups begin in January/February, again in April/May, and in September/October. A few Groups meet during each summer in June/July.

How do I know which Group is for me?  There are always lots of options when it comes to finding a Group that fits you. When you look through the listing you’ll see Groups generally fall into the following types:

Groups for Everyone | Couples’ Groups | Women’s Groups | Men’s Groups | Groups for Specific Ages | Activity

Within each of these categories, you’ll find groups by day, time, location or other parameters that will help you connect. Some groups offer childcare.

How do I join a Group? New Life Church offers Groups four times a year, so if you miss one session, it’s only a few months until the next session starts.

When registration is open, you can sign up here or fill out a Connect Card on Sunday. Also keep your eyes on the Program on Sunday mornings, we will have an insert with all open groups. Once you’ve signed up, our Group team and your leader will contact you.


join a group

Check out our catalog, make note of which group you’re interested in and sign up! If we’re in the middle of a groups session sign up anyways and we’ll get you plugged in!




Group catalog

Listed Below! Email the Group Leader to Sign up today.




host a group


Hosting a Group is pretty simple, we give you all you need! You don’t need to be a bible scholar, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process.



FOR MEN | Hosted by Don Holt –
Connect with other men as we dive deeper into God’s Word.
When: 1st & 3rd Wednesday | 6:30pm
Where: Lynnwood, New Life Church
YOUNG ADULTS | Hosted by Mike & Trisa Harris –
Connect with other young adults as we dive deeper into the Sunday message.
When: Wednesday | 7-8:30pm
Where: Lynnwood, Harris’ Home
OPEN TO ALL | Hosted by Ken Abrams –
A great group to get connected to other people at the church, dive deeper into the Sunday message + Taekwondo.
When: Tuesday | 6:30pm
Where: Lynnwood, New Life Church
OPEN TO ALL | Hosted by Angela Foley
A great group to get connected to other people at the church and dive deeper into the Sunday message.
When: Please contact Angela – Where: Everett, Foley House
FOR WOMEN | Hosted by Phylis Case –
We will be talking about finding freedom in our own lives, as well as caring for others.
When: Tuesday | 6pm
Where: Lynnwood, New Life Church